Web Site Awards (3)

February 28, 2005

The eNetSC.com web site recently received 3 awards:

Royal Gold Award

The Golden Horn of Excellence Award

Crystal Award 2nd



February 19, 2005

The eNetSC.com web site was recently updated to include SiteUptime in its list of resources for Web Site Monitoring.

SiteUptime is a free web site monitoring service that helps you eliminate downtime for your web site.  Multiple monitoring stations check the availability of your web site at specified intervals and notify you if your site goes down.

Web Site Award – Best Site Award

February 19, 2005

The eNetSC.com web site recently received the Best Site Award from AntiqueCollector.uk.com.

Web Site Award – United States Web Award

February 19, 2005

The eNetSC.com web site recently received the United States Web Award.

MSNBC – Click fraud looms as search-engine threat

February 18, 2005

Are you using search engine advertising to promote your business?  If so, the following news story provides some cautionary information for search engine advertisers:


MSNBC – Click fraud looms as search-engine threat
The ruse has different twists, but the end result is usually the same: Merchants are billed for fruitless traffic generated by someone who repeatedly clicks on an advertiser’s Web link with no intention of ever buying anything.

MSNBC – Microsoft to release new Internet browser

February 15, 2005

Speaking today at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, Bill Gates announced a new version of Internet Explorer (IE 7) which will be released for preliminary testing this summer.  Please read the following news story for more details:


MSNBC – Microsoft to release new Internet browser
SAN FRANCISCO – Microsoft will release a new version of its Internet Explorer browser with improved security features, Bill Gates announced Tuesday.

CNET News.com – Windows anti-spyware to come free of charge

February 15, 2005

According to CNET News.com, Bill Gates announced in a speech today at the annual RSA Security Conference that Microsoft AntiSpyware will be free.  Last month Microsoft released a free test version (Beta) but had not announced until today whether the software would be free in its final release.