The Space Craft

February 2, 2006

Want to keep up on the latest news about MSN Spaces? Read The Space Craft, the official MSN Spaces team blog!


Search Spaces

February 2, 2006

Use the handy Search spaces feature at the top of MSN Spaces to search for Spaces, People, and Blog entries.

The eNetSC eZine – February Edition

February 2, 2006

Please read the February 2006 Edition of The eNetSC eZine, our free online newsletter with web site information, updates, hints, tips, resources, and special offers.

Accounting and Tax Resources

February 2, 2006

It’s tax time again!

Ease the "taxing" process of filing your yearly business taxes with tax software. View a list of recommended Business Tax Software for small business owners.

View a variety of Accounting & Tax Resources to help you manage your business whether you are a corporation, partnership, LLC, or sole proprietor.

Still not sure which accounting package to purchase? View a list of Accounting Software available for managing your small business accounting.

Geek Resources

February 2, 2006

Are you a geek? Learn about Geek Resources on the Internet and gain helpful information about geeks, nerds, and techies. Just for fun, take The Geek Test to measure your level of geekiness!

Google Sitemaps

February 2, 2006

Are you seeking ways to improve the visibility of your small business web site?

Google Sitemaps is a free, easy way for you to submit all your web pages to the Google index and keep Google informed when you make changes to those web pages.

You will also be able to get detailed reports about the visibility of your web pages on Google. Sign up today and learn more about how Google directs traffic to your web site and how the Googlebot sees your web pages.